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QualiCasa ist spezialisiert auf Real Estate Controlling

Wir sichern umfassend die Qualität in Bauprojekten und liefern transparente und verständliche Fakten für ein nachhaltiges Immobilien-Portfolio-Management.

There are structural shortcomings that are already creeping into the concept and planning phase. These could be avoided by an early quality assurance.

The detailed QA-Reporting is very competent and will be written immediately after each construction tour.

Jean Claude MaissenZürcher Freilager AG

QualiCasa, with its unique working methodology and flexible products, is an ideal complement to our internal organisation. We benefit from QualiCasa's widely recognized expertise and respond to the ever more complex construction project organizations.

Michael KellerLocal Head Development & Construction, AXA Schweiz

We have developed our products, services and processes according to the needs of our customers. You benefit from a comprehensive empirical data base and our deep understanding of real estate lifecycle management.